homer on simple Saturdays

welcome to simple Saturdays in which I showcase some element of design that is battling outside of its weight class and deserves to be recognized.

homer shirt

today we have the have the-homer-they-fall shirt from Bartlegs. This shirt is a deep pull  from a classic Simpsons episode in which homer has become a boxer of sorts. Besides a great use of limited colors which are all crisp and joyfully underwhelming, there is something artistic to this design, I want to draw attention to two details that make this shirt what it is, first is the neck line of homer

homer snow

If you compare these two pictures you will see that his neck shape has been exaggerated for the tee shirt this thin neck has the effect of making homer even more helpless as you mentally fill in the blank for his body type from just this outline. You might not have ever seen this episode of the Simpsons, but you don’t have to: as it tells a complete story. The second feature (which is the stroke of genius) is homers eyes.  homer eyes

They are not completely even, the right one is staring right at you while the other is more in line with the assumed line of sight. This has been used as an effect in the Simpsons show for a while always low-key, but there is a depth of genius to the effect. If he had both eyes forward, we would have felt more saddened by the incoming pain. But because we are not sure if he mentally even understands what is going on it is funny, much like Charley Chaplin there is a level of charm that this disarmed nature exhibits. we view this interaction like a Greek tragedy more about the interaction of life then the abuse of a character.  all this conveyed by purposeful disarrangement of two dots. a simple vehicle to carry you to a larger idea. which is


This shirt MAY be available here